Baychem is an industry leader in custom formulated surface technology and metal finishing chemical products.

Baychem offers high grade chemical products to meet all surface treatment and metal finishing requirements and can offer all these products in various packaging to meet your industry specific needs.


Specialty formulated Alodine 600 solution which creates a chemical film on aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Touch-Up I meets MIL-C-5541 and MIL-DTL-81706B specifications and certified to meet WS9030 requirements.

Touch-Up II-S

Baychem custom formulated Alodine 1200S solution. Touch-Up II-S is primarily used as a corrosion resisting coating for aluminium and aluminum alloys.

Touch-Up III

Specialty formulated Alodine 1500 solution which creates a protective chemical film on aluminum and aluminum alloys. Certified to MIL-DTL-81706B .

Touch-Up IV

Custom formulated Alodine 1200 solution. Touch-Up IV is a ready-to-use chemical coating film for beryllium and beryllium alloys. Touch-Up IV meets W21742A specification.

Touch-Up VI

Custom formulated DOW 19 chromic acid chemical solution. Touch-Up VI is used to treat magnesium and magnesium parts that need a spot touch-up to repair minor damage or a temporary coating to prevent corrosion between production processes. Touch-Up VI meets MIL-M-3171 specification.


A non-chromated desmutter-deoxidizer used at room temperature. Rapidly removes smut on wrought aluminum alloys formed during etching operations. Prepares aluminum alloys for chemical conversion coatings and spotwelding operations. It can be used in both bare and clad aluminum alloys. Removes surface corrosion, general oxidation, chemical conversion coatings and anodic films. It won’t cause appreciable changes in the appearance of polished aluminum while producing a low contact resistance lasting up to 96 hours of storage.